Automotive design concept 

A personal interpretation of the Mercedes legacy in a design study

About the concept

Our task was to design a design concept on the occasion of the opening event of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Hungary. The plan was supposed to reflect our personal impressions of the world of Mercedes and the heritage of the brand.

For us, the Mercedes brand symbolises classic elegance, aesthetics, heritage and dynamism, just like nature. During the design process, we therefore drew inspiration primarily from natural forms and materials. Of these, too, we mostly proceeded from the structure of the wings of insects. The graphic design of the wings has a special character and dynamism, which gives a special elegance to the wing shape itself. The design language of our vehicle concept, like the wings of beetles, is determined by the dynamic lines and the panels between them. The wheels were integrated into the body as part of the main shape. The proportions of the vehicle are based on the coupe shape, thus strongly referring to the aesthetic language and elegance of Mercedes. The concept was christened Mercedes Phoebis.